Rhythm Büro: Natura | secret place – 3.06.2017


Evigt Mörker, Ben Buitendijk, Cyspe — live, Lapien, Svarog, Na Nich — live, Lobanov K. — live, Roman K, Vero, Igor Glushko, Serge Jazzmate, THP crew: Trippsy, Haathi, Puoro, Visual artists: Tenpoint, Blck Box

We have dreamt about this for several years and are finally set to make it happen: the next edition of Rhythm Büro will be taking place in the forest. A carefully selected line-up combining hypnotic techno at night and house music during day time. Only once a year, for 24+ hours, just 30 km outside of Kiev.



Early bird (100 tickets) — 199 ₴ / First release (until May 12th) — 249 ₴ / Second release (until May 26th) — 299 ₴
Third release (until noon on Jun 3rd) — 349 ₴ / At the gate — 400 ₴

Please purchase ticket(s) in advance in order to get notified about the exact location (~30 km from Kiev) where the event will be held. In case your friends decide to share the event’s location with you, you will still have an option to buy a ticket either at the departure point (Heroiv Dnipra subway station, across the road from “Одяг з Європи” store, 52 Obolonsky Ave) or at the location’s entry gate.


We will send out GPS coordinates leading to the location via both email and sms to all ticket holders. In total, four mailouts are set to take place (aimed at customers purchasing tickets within corresponding time frames): 2 weeks before the event, 1 week before the event, 1 day prior to the event, on the day of the event, respectively.


1) You will be able to order bus transfer at the departure point (Heroiv Dnipra subway station, across the road from “Абсолют” grocery store, 52 Obolonsky Ave) and depart to the location straight away on the day of the event. Bus transfer service will be provided continuously, we will publish departure schedule and rates closer to the day of the event.

2) You may also use your own car and/or share the ride with your friends. The first mailout with the event’s GPS coordinates will be sent out 2 weeks before the show. Driving directions will also be provided at the departure point (Heroiv Dnipra subway station, across the road from “Одяг з Європи” store, 52 Obolonsky Ave). Please note there will be enough parking space available at the location free of charge.
3) The event’s location is also easily reachable by taxi.


In order to experience what we’ve prepared for you in full extent, we strongly recommend bringing over a tent and staying with us until Sunday evening. There will be a separate space next to the location arranged specifically for camping site. Please also don’t forget that partying in the forest is not the same as going out to the club – DO bring warm clothes and comfortable footwear. Please be respectful towards mother nature and pay extra attention to the rules of the event listed on the ticket!