Rhythm Büro first began as a local party series organised by Igor Glushko, Alexander Pavlenko (aka Na Nich) and Vera Logdanidi (aka Vero). Since the party’s beginning in March 2015, Rhythm Büro has hosted such greats as Zadig, Abdulla Rashim, Etapp Kyle, Eric Cloutier, Woo York, Artefakt, Acronym, Steve Bicknell, Actress, Donato Dozzy, Varg, Ulwhednar and Svreca all at different non-club warehouse-like locations around Kiev. A peculiar aspect of the Rhythm Büro team’s objective has been to maintain secrecy about the exact location of the party until a day prior to the event, when ticket buyers are then informed about the location via text message or email. Since then, the project has gotten bigger both in terms of its scale and its line-ups, albeit still keeping itself away from clubs. The record label was started to be the logical and progressive extension to what Rhythm Büro has established itself to be locally: one of Ukraine’s prominent techno initiatives.